Information Technology has proven an enabler of human endeavour and enterprise; to garner and grow the IT industry requires not only favourable commercial conditions, but also appreciation of its often intangible product.

For a dynamic, innovative and progressive IT industry to thrive as a goods and services producer and to be an effective enabler for electronic transactions, a stable, predictable and normative legal regime is required. Agreements and contracts must adequately define and balance rights and information, version and control restrictions, and policies governing their sharing and use too must be robust while avoiding being unfair.

Expertise in managing assets, carrying-out due diligence and valuation, assessing responsibility and liability under the Information Technology Act, 2000 and place of residence laws, delivery of goods, specific performance, rescission and repudiation is quintessential in virtually all commercial settings today.

The firm’s IT and e-commerce practice encompasses reviewing and drafting license and assignment agreements, cloud computing agreements, undertaking technology transfers and legal risk assessment, technology protection, and acquisition and distribution exercises. We assist and represent IT and e-commerce majors, automotive and industrial concerns and many other businesses (see Start-ups) in establishing efficient data sharing and security policies, large asset transfers and all matters internet and domain.

Our service offering is bolstered by our expertise in industry and market-piracy research and investigations of intellectual property infringements which are essential for informed decisions and highly targeted enforcement based on specificity and accuracy of evidence. Our experience of strategic and effective enforcement has resulted in fully successful anti-piracy measures for our clients. The Indian legal system is quick to dispense justice to the software industry bedevilled by copyright violation, piracy and cybercrime. Enabling compliance by purchase of original software is an important step for early settlement of a dispute and a core service provided by our team.