Art and antiquities law may neither be a separate jurisprudence nor a unified legal doctrine, yet its multidisciplinary nature leverages many aspects of legal protection in the regulation and facilitation of the creation, and the use and marketing of art.

The creation, ownership and transfer of art and antiquities conceives myriad legal concerns, including valuation, sale and transfer of property, and civil and criminal liability. Theft, counterfeiting and damage, in particular, are pervasive themes in the art world; and legal resolution is beset by conflicting claims, inconclusive documentation and application of archaic law.

Additionally, housing art collections privately or with museums and galleries, and repatriation of national treasures lost during India’s colonial dominion under the British present their own legal intricacies.

Our copyright team advises on a variety of issues including intellectual property, contracts, constitutional rights, torts, commercial and international law, with an emphasis on mitigation of legal risk. The team has a deep understanding and perspective of the distinctive nature of the arts community and is equipped to give advice and provide solutions for its challenges and meet its expectations of the law.

The Firm seeks to be an outstanding resource for the art world, governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as creative entrepreneurial businesses in need of art law expertise and legal counsel. We interact with a wide range of stakeholders in the arts, antiquities and cultural heritage space, including government, embassies, galleries, museums curators, artists, art collectors and universities.