Gitika Suri



Biotechnology, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Microbiology and Immunology


With a B.Tech degree in Biotechnology, Gitika specialized in the fields of biostatics, microbiology, plan and animal tissue cultures, immunology, and immune-diagnostics. She has behind her an experience of over 11 years and is involved in all phases of patenting from drafting of patent applications, their filing and prosecution and enforcement of patents in the fields of Biotechnology and Chemistry. She also advises clients on patentability, patent validity, enforceability, infringement and freedom to operate.


She has extensive experience in contentious proceedings, be it pre-grant opposition proceedings before the Indian Patent Office or Revocation and appeal Proceedings before the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB). Some of the important applications /patents defended by her before the Indian Patent Office and the IPAB relate to Etanercept, Prevenar13, Nivolumab, Crizotinib, Axitinib, Tofacitnib. She has also been part of the team that successfully represented Monsanto and defended its patent for BT technology before the Supreme Court of India. She also takes a keen interest in legal research.


Some of the articles co-authored by her include:

  • Agri-Patents: The Battle of Seeds – Life Sciences Intellectual Property Review (LSIPR)
  • A Patent Attack on Three Fronts – Life Sciences Intellectual Property Review (LSIPR)
  • Indian Pharmaceutical Patent Law: The Revocation of Two Path Breaking Patents – Thomson Reuters
  • Case Law Clarifies Patent Questions – Managing Intellectual Property

Gitika is also a contributor to the India chapter of the leading publication “Getting the Deal through”


  • Patent Agent
  • Member of AIPLA
  • Member of APAA
  • Member of Delhi Bar Council