For media and entertainment to thrive, the market must allow fair competition, opportunities for collaboration and the ability to effectively monetise commercial property – much of which depends on strong intellectual property protection.

Media and entertainment, an inapt containment of a vast and diverse set of industries, is nearly universally the poster child of creative expression, information dissemination and economic growth. And the firm since its inception has been an integral part of media and entertainment industries. Having worked in close collaboration with national and international performers, artists, authors, publishers, production houses, record labels, online content providers, broadcasters, advertisers and distributors, we have introduced and crystallised crucial international legal concepts in the field.

The firm represents a clientele spread across film, television, music, radio, publishing and new media. Our practices consistently devise and deliver well-researched, cost-effective and comprehensive commercial and litigation strategies for all conventional and non-conventional issues faced by our clients.

Our dedicated teams provide diverse services, including negotiations encompassing acquisition, protection, distribution and exploitation of rights; franchising and partner searches; drafting and vetting contracts and agreements; clearances and regulatory compliances, assistance regarding licensing and other ancillary issues, arbitration and mediation and civil and criminal litigation.


Our team of experts conducts thorough due diligence to ensure that clients are sufficiently protected from potential threats of infringement and copying deploying a wide variety of tools to vet projects and agreements, and suggest appropriate modification of content. Being sensitive to the aversion of the creative industries to excessive paper work and legal formalities, we use simple, user-friendly and cost-effective mechanisms to achieve the right balance between a saleable production and protection from potential threats.


We are proud to be a part of a network of associations and our in-depth understanding of our client’s intellectual property coupled with a practical work approach makes us an obvious choice to assist them in potential tie-ups and other business plans. We structure deals for production houses looking for investment or for investors looking for ideal projects to participate in.


Our firm represents various artistes, composers and companies that have access to a huge pool of fresh talent. Our team assists the client in leveraging creativity and talent for the maximum commercial potential and at the same time helps content seekers find the right talent for investment.