Twinky Rampal



Brief: Twinky Rampal has experience in handling clients spanning diverse sectors. She is a part of the strategic initiatives team led by Mr. Safir Anand and specializes in providing tactical advice on handling global trademark portfolios, advising on brand guides, providing advice on brand adoption, monetization, protection and enforcement, drafting and negotiating various contracts, advising on various commercial transactions, advertising law and related disputes. Her most recent assignment involved working on the IPO of a leading hospitality chain, where the value of the transaction was worth INR 1000 crores.

She also has 12 years of experience in handling Trademark Prosecution, Trademark Oppositions, Copyright Prosecution and renders specialized opinions to Indian and foreign clients, conducting trade mark clearance searches, tackling infringement and providing clearance opinions, brand protection across industries, adoption of trademarks and prosecution.

Her most recent publication include:

a. A chapter co-authored with Mr. Safir Anand for The International Comparative Legal Guides (ICLG), Global Legal Group on Franchising Laws in India.

b. An article titled “Walking on Eggshells in India” co-authored with Mr. Safir Anand for the International Franchise Association.

c. She has also rendered her support to a Chapter recently authored by Mr. Safir Anand for International Trade Mark Association (INTA) on Business Environment Trends on brand value, brand equity, brand valuation, and brand evaluation.

Ms. Rampal is a member of ASSOCHAM along with being a member of the International Trade Mark Association (INTA). She has also served on the Trade Marks Office Practices Committees of INTA in the past.

Ms. Rampal also attends hearings at the Trade Marks Office, the Intellectual Property Appellate Board and demonstrates excellent knowledge in drafting – including drafting of opposition matters, counter statements, evidence affidavits, trade mark and copyright license as well as assignment agreements, pleadings filed at the INDRP and WIPO, cease and desist letters etc.

Recent Public Enagements Assignments

In recent times, Twinky has been invited by various prestigious national and international forums and institutions to share her insights on various aspects of IP and sensitize stakeholders across all sectors. Some of her recent assignments include:

  • Conducting a Technical Session and providing overview of the Trademark and Copyright regime in the country at Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College for Women, Chandigarh under the ICC-IPO IPR Awareness Program for Women Institutes’ initiative.
  • Invitation to the ICC-IPO IPR Awareness Program for Technical Institutes at JC Bose University of Science & Technology; YMCA; Faridabad, to sensitize the students on the indispensability of Intellectual Property in the field of technology. She gave an overview on the IP laws in India and discussed various forms of IP and the current IP regime in the country.
  • Sharing insights on ‘Building up an effective IP shield for a Multinational Efficiently’ at the World IP Forum 2018.
  • Cracking concepts of Haptic Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, Virtual reality, Robots, Avatars, Business models et al. along with Safir Anand at a conference on “Disruptive Innovation” which was attended by over 150 CEOs.
  • Conducting a workshop along with Safir Anand on “Sensory Trademarks”. The workshop was attended by over 40 corporates and was a study of how visuals/sight, sound, smell, taste are becoming pillars of Intellectual Property Evolution.