In a digital and service-led economy, businesses are increasingly cognisant of the value of their intangible assets, and are discovering the competitive advantage these can afford in effective valuation, monetisation, protection and growth.

The vast reach and markets enabled by the internet and e-commerce have driven a rethink of traditional understandings of where all lies the value of a business. Internet presence and domain names, brand, identity and goodwill, trade secrets and know-how, and business structures and databases have not traditionally been recognised as valuable and valued assets.

The National IPR Policy, openness to foreign investment and the ‘Make in India’ paradigm are raising trade and commerce standards in India: a professionally managed business, one with a wholesome understanding of its assets, is invariably more competitive at inviting interest in such a globalised economy.

The firm’s approach of risk pre-emption and mitigation places it ideally for developing future strategies and helping businesses scale up. Our practice is lauded for its unique and innovative approach and solutions; the team itself recognised for adding business value. We work closely with clients across industries such as automotive, media & entertainment, FMCG, F&B , fashion and IT.

Particularly in new media and e-commerce our practice has achieved effective action against duplicitous domains and fly-by-night operators. And we are well-placed to advise on practical policies and standards for display, permissions and conditions for advertising and syndication.

We help businesses unlock the untapped potential of their brand and intangible assets.

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